About us


Here are my beautiful girls Bonnie (Labrador) and Rosie (Cocker Spaniel)  they are amazing to me in every way and bring me so much love and enjoyment.

Doggylicious Cheltenham launched in September 2016 and is based in Cheltenham.

Doggylicious Cheltenham offers a loving environment within the home of Jemma, Dave, Bonnie and Rosie

Hi I am Jemma the founder and owner of Doggylicious Cheltenham.

I am a qualified dog groomer based in Cheltenham and I am here to give your best friends the love and affection they deserve in a clam relaxed environment.


Since I can remember dogs have always been a massive part of my life in and around my family. We have had the pleasure of owning breeds from the well known Jack Russell to the beautiful German Shepherd, where I have had lots of involvement when it comes to the handling and grooming of all the breeds we have owned.

A dogs care and well being is of up most importance to me so, whether that is giving them the bath and groom they need or that well deserved walk and game of ball, or even a fun filled doggy holiday in our home in a home from home environment, I believe in giving them the best I can .

Having rescued dogs in the past I am also aware of the nervous dog and that many of them have had pasts that I am sure you agree, you wouldn't want to even imagine. I believe that a softly, softly approach is a must as the most important is trust and that needs to be built up over time.

I am a very patient and calm dog groomer that believes the dog must receive the best care at all times and if that means it can take that bit longer then No Problem, that is what I am here for. I want them to go home looking, smelling and feeling great with a wagging tail, even if they have been out for a walk, or they are dog boarding with me a happy dog at the end of the day means everything.


I started this journey in 2016 and I would like my future to keep being about my passion.

After being told what a great nature I have with dogs and that I have a good eye for detail, I  am so pleased that I finally took the plunge and started Doggylicious Cheltenham and I am now here to give our best friends the love, affection, treats and care that they all deserve.


I am a very lucky women who has the support of my partner Dave , we have been together 10 years and share the same passion for dogs, and of course Bonnie and Rosie are our beautiful Girls, Bonnie like to play mum of the house and keeps a watchful eye on everyone and loves a good game with them all, they are getting a bit older now so like many enjoy a good sleep as well. Rosie just loves a good cuddle and sniff around but is so cute she can melt your heart.

On June 1st 2019 Dave, myself and the girls took part in the Battersea Muddy Dog Challenge completing the 5km run and raising nearly £300 pound for the charity. It was great fun, for myself a great achievement and amazing knowing we were able to help the dog and cats in Battersea a little with the sponsorship we raised.

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