Ultrasonic teeth cleaning service

Doggylicious Prices and details


Sparkle and Shine 

Your dog is brushed to remove any knots, then bathed using approriate professional natural shampoo with as many washes as necessary to get them looking and smelling clean, followed by conditioner if needed. your dog is then fully dried  and feet and sanitary and eye areas are trimmed, nails can also be checked and trimmed if needed (this may carry an extra charge please enquire).*


De -Shedding gently removes the loose undercoat whilst leaving the top coat so your dog is left with a shiny coat and a drastic reduction in shedding, this service is perfect for breeds such as Pugs, Labradors and Huskies. 


Sanitary Groom

Eye & Ear clean, Feet and  private area, rear end bottom Trim. 

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Full Deluxe Grooms

Your dog coat is brushed to remove any knots, then bathed using appropriate professional shampoo with as many washes as necessary to get them looking and smelling clean ,then after being dried your dog is styled all over to fit your requirements using scissors and/or clippers, to get the perfect finish for you and your dog. Also includes desheding for appropriate dogs. *


Nail Trim

Stop the scratching or noise on your floors


Puppy Package

Puppy Introduction


Get your puppy used to the grooming process, salon noise, being brushed, clipped and bathed in a gentle atmosphere

Also Packages for nervous dogs please call or message for a chat if you would like further information.


luxury Spa Packages and add ons 


Blueberry or Banana Facial - £3.00

Miracle Spa Facial - £2.00

Paw Natural Paw Rub and Scrub £2.50

Moisturizing nose and paw balm treatment - £1.50

Posh Pawdicure - £3.50

Luxury Spa Package £5

Miracle Spa Facial

Paw Natural Pawdicure

Moisturizing nose and paw balm treatment

Finished with a cologne of your choice


Deluxe Spa package £10

Blueberry Facial

Paw Natural Pawdicure

Nagayu Spa Treatment 

Moisturizing nose and paw balm treatment

Finished with a cologne of your choice and a bandana or bow.(if available)

Packages are available when booked with a groom or sparkle and shine


Terms and Conditions.

All New clients £20 non refundable deposit is taken on booking.

All prices stated are 'START FROM' depending on pet condition when entering the premises and breed. An additional cost may be incurred if extra time is needed to either bring your pet up to satisfactory condition or if the pet struggles to co-operate with the groomer and extra time is needed. Matting carries an extra charge Starting from £5.00 -£20 this is to cover the cost of our equipment and any extra time taken.

I ask that all dogs have been cover for fleas/worms before their visit to us at least 48 hours before hand if due. If fleas are found there is an automatic extra charge and this starts from £10.00, depending on the amount the groom can carry on with a flea bath being received or the dog may be sent home until this has been rectified.

Please note that our Cancellation policy is:- we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel an appointment, if  appropriate notice is not given there will be a cancellation charge of 50% - 100% of the full fee. Failure to attend with no notice will incur a full charge and deposit required upon future bookings. 

We politely ask that dogs arrive on time for their appointments and not early unless you have been contacted and are collected by the time given, this is to try and reduce any cross overs of dogs at the door. Unfortunately we will not be able to groom your dog if you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment due to the next bookings  and you still may be liable for a charge.