Our Boarding Rates


  • £30 Per dog per day 

*Collection after 9am will incur an extra day rate unless an agreement is in place , Bank holidays are charged at an extra 50% per day. Non refundable deposits are required to secure bookings. bookings are not secure until deposit has been received. Trial day / night must be completed by all new clients at a fee of £30 before a main stay can commence. 

Please see our Doggylicious Terms and Conditions.



Doggylicious Holiday Boarding offers home from home dog boarding as an alternative to kennels. We can provide your dog/s with that homely environment whilst your away, whether its for one night or a long holiday stay. 

They will spend their holiday in the loving home of Jemma and Dave with our beautiful cocker spaniel Rosie and our Now beautiful Very large Yorkshire Terrier Bobbie where they will be well cared for and have lots of fun in luxury so you can relax and enjoy your time away with no worries.

We take dogs from different households and can take more than one dog from a family so if you have 3 dogs this is no problem at all.

We ask that food is provided to cover their whole stay with us, as many dogs are now on different diets, this ensures they are sticking with their routine.

To help them settle in we also ask that you provide their own bedding and comfort toy or blanket etc. 

A meet and Greet followed by a familiarization session trial day / night is mandatory before their stay so we can meet your beloved pawfect paws and discuss their needs and sleeping arrangements, this is also so we can see if we are the right fit for you and your dog.   

During the day they will receive 2 walks for a minimum of 20 mins each or for the older or younger dogs they will receive what is appropriate for them so that may be shorter walks or an alternative form of enrichment, they will make new friends, socialize, snooze when they like and of course receive lots of love and cuddle's especially in the evening when it is chill time.


We hold a full licence with Cheltenham Borough Council and are fully insured. These documents these are displayed and can also be shown to you on request.

We provide a holiday boarding registration form that we ask you complete that covers everything to do with your best friend/s so we can hold as much information as we can to make their stay as amazing as we can. 

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and be up-to date with worming and flea treatments before their stay so proof must be presented, this can be done by sending us a copy of their vet records or we can take a copy of this for you . We also can not accept bitches while they are in season or due to be, and we do not accept full males. 

Due to the passing of our beautiful girl Bonnie we have also made a deep decision to no longer accept youngsters, this is due to our Rosie being older so feel this is now in the best interest for herself at present. 

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